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If your goal is simply to get the mouse up and running then Apple's drivers will work just fine on a mac or a pc running windows 10 for free. You just can't download them from the apple website directly.

   Download Brigadier
   Open up the command line, navigate to the folder with brigadier
   Run "brigadier.exe" if you are on a mac or "brigadier.exe -m iMac19,2" without quotes on a pc (-m specifies the model's drivers to get. anything recent should have the proper mouse drivers) This will leave a new folder something like bootcamp-###-##### in the directory from where you ran brigadier
   open Windows Device Manager
   Under Human Interface Devices right click on the Bluetooth HID device and click update driver
   Click Browse my computer for driver software, then let me pick, then have disk
   navigate to the bootcamp folder downloaded with brigadier go to BootCamp\Drivers\Apple\AppleWirelessMouse within this folder and select the AppleWirelessMouse.inf file.
   Click next. The mouse will not work. This is expected. Just reboot the computer and scrolling will work!

This is a free solution that uses apple's drivers. It seems like for such an expensive piece of hardware they would make the driver easier to install on windows too. I guess that's not the Apple way though.

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